Who we are

Mutaforma is the Italian brand that operates in the field of augmented materials - starting with glass -  through application of nanotechnology. Nanometric particles with specific physical and chemical features change the optical properties of glass (the way light is transmitted, absorbed and reflected by it) and its aesthetic significance. Colour nuances also depend on the perception of the particles (such as: silver, copper, titanium and other oxides), which are sublimed on glass at a molecular level.

Mutaforma’s material is more than a vitreous paste. It’s a new, stratified, composite and clever material.

The process deployed by the all-Italian production plan is covered by international patents: from the processing of individual units up to the assembling on high-tech supports. 

Aside from augmenting or integrating the emotional, sensory, and experiential dimensions of materials, Mutaforma’s glass has a natural tendency to merge and graft with other materials to augment experience and interaction options.

Mutaforma is experimental, dynamic and brave. Always on the lookout for extraordinary people, ideas and possibilities.