Find your distinguishing style.

The in-house production of our material offers unparalleled control over the design, manufacturing and operative stages of each project.

It also provides the opportunity for truly customised and creative solutions and a novel twist on the use of materials, artistic languages and design features as per our clients’ individual preferences.

Every tailor-made project is unique – as is the background and personality of the designer.

A tailor-made interior design decoration is the direct result of the unique relationship between our design team and the customer. Our tailor-made service gives you the privilege of a design project where your style and character are reflected even in minute design details.

We can turn your vision into a unique artwork design. Customized for you.

Customers send their own project file or select a design from our collections. Mutaforma’s Design Team creates a detailed proposal based on the Customer’s requirements. We finalize the custom made artwork based on the project specifications, by placing the pico-tesserae TILLA® thanks to our technology.

Mutaforma glass mosaic laying