We work with you, to give life to your projects.

Each project Mutaforma for CONTRACT is «one of a kind»: a tailor made work, customised to satisfy the most demanding clients' requests.

Mutaforma for CONTRACT

This is our new proposal conceived to meet the needs of the Contract business: decorative surfaces for yachts and house floors, wall decorations for hotels and swimming pool mosaics, bathroom designer decorations for SPAs, and much more.

The challenge is to recreate any client’s design with TILLA® picotesserae, blending top-notch craftmanship and intense artistic emotions to produce authentic works of art.

The peculiar «opus incertum» position of the mosaic tesserae, called “RAIN” - distinguishing feature of our Brand - ensures unparalleled details.

The final result is striking and spectacular.

Mutaforma aims to showcase know-how and heritage, finding inspiration in the ancient culture of mosaic works whilst creating a unique material to cover surfaces befitting our era, taking inspiration from our augmented material’s abilities. 

Mutaforma glass mosaic coverings
Mutaforma glass mosaic laying

1 – The Customer sends their own project file (PDF, JPG or RAL format) or selects a design from those included in our collections.

2 – Mutaforma’s Design Team creates a quick proposal based on the Customer’s requirements.

3 – We finalise the “custom made” artwork based on the project specifications, by placing the pico-tesserae TILLA® set in a unique “rain pattern” (Rain).

Mutaforma glass mosaic coverings

Thanks to its versatility, Mutaforma for CONTRACT proposes the best solutions for your projects ensuring laying on different formats.

The art of decor, love for detail. Each project is a result of an authentic relationship with the architect, it is a privilege to give designers the opportunity to customize even the tiniest details, to create a unique solution.

Our craftsmanship is not all about technical skills. A true mastery seizes glimpses of beauty and translates them into pure emotions. Mutaforma for CONTRACT provides exclusive mosaics, specifically designed according to your desires and creative needs.

Being brave is also about going beyond limits. Mutaforma for CONTRACT has been conceived to bring the ancient art of mosaics a step forward, through new projects and designer's challenges.