The collection of SuperFriends designer vases and artistic ornaments by Matteo Cibic for Mutaforma plays on the dichotomy of simplicity and the contrast between raw material and emotions.

The smiling ornament and the serious ornament are tied together thanks to Cibic's project ideas, which interrupt the regular order of things and burst into the traditional productive process.

The Superfriends sculptural objects collection has been created merging two different concepts: part industrial design, part luxury and high quality market design. These designs innovate the abilities of our augmented materials and play with concepts like game and object-elicitation.

SuperFriends objects do not fall within any strict category. They are designer accessories, ambiguous and playful creations, where Design is toned down by Matteo Cibic’s signature irony. A limited edition of handmade sculptural objects composed of matt ceramic material with golden details created with TILLA® picotesserae.

Collection SuperFriends