the material connection between Mutaforma and Antolini

STRATOSPHERICA is the quality and strength of a priceless material connection made by stratified, tangible and intangible elements of nature and design. Thanks to modern technology, these timeless elements appear forever contemporary. Inlays, connections and multi-material grafts are the focus of the collection.
The deep and ambitious link between the superb natural stone of Antolini and the exclusive glass material of Mutaforma holds passion at its core.

STRATOSPHERICA collection includes 14 designs, created by Alessandro La Spada. Each design is a perfect match between natural stones – carefully selected by Antolini – and geometric, organic and artistic decorations realized with Mutaforma material.
After being modeled, each stone slab is inlaid with tiny TILLA,® glass-coloured picotesserae, (the smallest is just 2,5 mm wide) beautified with metal foil.
The reflected light creates evocative compositions.

STRATOSPHERICA is the area where the greatest innovations of the 21st century will come to life at the intersection of nature and technology.

STRATOSPHERICA is a firm belief in enhancing an ancient body of exquisite stone with precious
particles of the future.

STRATOSPHERICA is the appreciation of inlay through an intimate relation between materials that illuminate a unique, tangible energy.

STRATOSPHERICA is a dazzling and eclectic celebration of art, technology and nature.

STRATOSPHERICA is colours, patterns and technical research; stratified images from the arts, history, design and nature, made contemporary by modern technology.

STRATOSPHERICA is the all-Italian integration of manufacturing, craftsmanship, design expertise and production.