TILLA in Rain: the new collection

Open your eyes and watch the shimmering lights of a day or a season shape surfaces and space. TILLA in Rain is the new collection by Mutaforma: a droplet of colour and light.

When used to interact with architectural spaces, a shower of lights triggers emotions and creates a dynamic play of light and shadows across surrounding surfaces.

The TILLA in Rain collection revels around vibrant walls bursting with light, shadows and colours that weave magical narratives in living spaces. Decorations - which used to testify to the skills of a craftsman - are back in the spotlight as a key area of experimentation for visual communication.

Mutaforma highlights the brand’s innate figurative skills and craftsmanship, true to their classical background and elicit designers to explore the qualities of surfaces, and to play with materials to create emotionally intense design experiences.

The key words are tailor-made and customized service, demonstrating the potential of the shaping material, able to express a perfect balance between technological research, experience and design creativity.