MUTAMORPHOSI | second nature

A collection of modular artistic objects in which light, TILLA® in Mutaforma’s glass and spatial geometries connect together creating an interesting visual experience.

I like to play with light.

I like to observe how the light is capable of causing emotions and sensations interacting with colors. The challenge of working on the theme of light through the use of  TILLA® tesserae appeared interesting to me from the beginning.

A material in continuous development like Mutaforma glass and its physical properties miniaturized in a tessera of just 1mm.

I tried to look at it outside of its function of covering and I tried to reinterpret it in poetical and simple objects.

MUTAMORPHOSI is an interpretation of the material in pure and three-dimensional shapes, where the union of light, glass, color and technology creates what in my opinion is poetry of light.

Minimalism in the shapes, material richness and visual suggestion are the key words that contain the philosophy of this collection designed for Mutaforma.

Arch. Giorgio Colombo

DROP and TULIP: the first two pieces

The material, one of the most ancient, glass mosaic, meets the modern technology of Mutaforma to tell some geometries of nature: the ritual of water (DROP) and bloom (TULIP).

The drop that draws concentric shapes on the surface digs the material in an irregular but perfect way. Light is able to extract their brilliant essence from mutaforma TILLA® tesserae. A material projected toward the future who keeps its unique charm related to its inner pureness, is represented by the intuition and the sensitivity of a designer who wears it with light, in symbiosis with the aptitude of the brand toward formal research.

Geometry of nature is random, mathematical rules regulate the universe. There is something holy and shining in geometry.

Galileo Galilei, universally known as the father of the “scientific method”, masterfully summarizes his thought: the book of nature was written in mathematical language and its types are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures without which it is impossible to understand a world; without these figures it is wandering through an obscure labyrinth.

That’s MUTAMORPHOSI | Second nature.