Celebrating the Man on the Moon

Space Helmet and Luna Caduta: our tribute to the 50th Aniversary of the Man on the Moon

Space Helmet is the mutaforma reinterpretation of the famous shot by the French photographer Vincent Fournier, whose art project "Space Utopia" is a unique collection of pictures telling a world of utopias and dreams of exploring Man in Space.

Vincent Fournier, French artist and photographer, provides a visionary and imaginative look at space exploration by merging fantasy with reality in images of rockets, otherwordly landscapes, research facilities, and cosmonauts.

The images invite us to focus on our perceptions of space and time and document and archive while also exploring humankind's myths and fantasies about the future.

Limited edition artwork for Spazio Nobile Gallery, made of exclusive picotesserae TILLA® from 3.5 to 7 mm decorated with pearl foil.

A suspended atmosphere frozen in time, a mystic space for dreams and imagination.

Luna Caduta represents the most oneiric and dreamy side of Mutaforma’s materials.‎ 

Sculptural object.‎ TILLA® picotesserae, decorated with pearl foil, depicting the surface of the moon;

applied on a slab of opaline stratified glass.‎