Mutaforma on show in Las Vegas at HIM event

Mutaforma has been chosen to partecipate to Archello's "How It's Made" (HIM), taking place in Las Vegas on 6-7 June 2019.

Archello’s "How it’s Made" (HIM) event showcases cutting edge innovations behind inspiring architecture projects.

The popular exhibit travels all over the word connecting with popular Architectural & Design events.

On 7-8 June it took place in Las Vegas, at A'19 AIA Conference - Convention Center.

The exhibit includes case studies showcasing each project’s latest materials, products and technological innovations. Supplemented with illustrations, physical models and samples the exhibit is not to be missed. It provides inspiration for design professionals who remain current when their dreams of new projects connect with the innovations that inspire them. 

At the "How It’s Made" exhibit each product sample is shown alongside a reference project in which you can see how it can be applied in a project. Inspire your potential specifier for their next project by allowing them to touch your product sample and immediately see how your product looks in a finished building.