Mutaforma experience: a journey to discover us

A daily tour to experience our world

Yesterday we hosted a special event dedicated to a group of Architects: a journey to discover Mutaforma!

During the day, we proposed some sessions of professional training and some more playful occasions of leisure.

A soft breakfast together to welcome our guests in the city of Milan, the capital of design.

First stop: visiting CasaTILLA. The best way to approach our brand is to immerse ourselves in our concept house, discobvering the world of interior decoration reinterpreted in Mutaforma style.

Then, a unique experience: a lunch on board of the exclusive ATMosfera tram traveling through the streets of the historic center of Milan. In the afternoon, hosted in the headquarters of Archiproducts Milan, we showed the features of our material and talked about the exclusive skills of our brand.

And finally, a surprising creative workshop to intuitively explain our design process: we shape your idea into a unique artwork!

Thank you all for participating!