This is our new proposal conceived to meet the needs of the Contract business.

We work with you, to give life to your projects.


1 – The Customer sends their own project file (PDF, JPG or RAL format) or selects a design from those included in collections.


2 – Mutaforma’s Design Team creates a quick proposal based on the Customer’s requirements.


3 – We finalise the “custom made” artwork based on the project specifications, by placing the pico-tesserae TILLA® set in a unique “rain pattern” (Rain).

Each project mutaforma for CONTRACT is «one of a kind»: a tailor made work, customised to satisfy the most demanding Client’s requests.

The challenge is to recreate any design with minuscule TILLA® picotesserae, blending top-notch craftmanship and intense artistic emotion to produce authentic works of art.

Mosaic tesserae are set in a unique “RAIN” pattern, based on «opus incertum» position – distinguishing feature of our Brand -, that ensures unparalleled details.

A final result with a striking impact.

Mutaforma aims to showcase their know-how and heritage, finding inspiration in the ancient culture of mosaic works whilst creating a unique material to cover surfaces befitting our era.