Mutaforma: augmented materials

Mutaforma is the Italian brand that works in the field of augmented materials, thanks to the use of nanotechnologies.

Mutaforma material is suited for micro finishings, produced entirely in Italy, designed and patented after years of Research & Development. A versatile material, which can be used for wall coverings, wallpaper, flooring, but also artistic panels and art objects.

Nanometric particles with specific physical and chemical features, sublimated on the vitreous surface at a molecular level, change the optical properties of glass and its aesthetic significance. The result is a new stratified and composite material, a smart micro mosaic, with a natural tendency to merge and graft with other materials to augment experience and interaction options: 

augmented materials.

About us

Drawing inspiration from the ancient culture of glass mosaic, Mutaforma produces a ground-breaking covering material, following the most advanced contemporary trends. 


TILLA® is the smallest squared glass tessera in the world.



Mutaforma boasts collaborations with various exponents of the design and interior world, called by the company to interpret this technological and extremely innovative material with their personal vision and creativity.


Stratospherica is the quality and strength of a priceless material connection made by stratified, tangible and intangible elements of nature and design, eternally modern.


CasaTILLA®: Mutaforma concept house.