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design by Dylan Tripp

Flowers bloom everywhere, even in mosaic artwork.

Introducing Anthemion

Based on the observation of flowers and their elements,
Dylan Tripp was challenged to recreate and exalt natural geometries with Mutaforma's glass micro tesserae.

For the Anthemion collection, Dylan Tripp has developed three colour palettes: blue, pink, green. 
The shade contrasts reflect the typical nuances of natural flowers.

With a special eye for shapes, colors and movement, Dylan brings small botanical worlds to life
in a reality where elegance poetry and spontaneity meet, creating a new floral aesthetic.

“My chance encounter with Mutaforma was enlightening.
I was not aware that mosaics and flowers have so much in common.
Partnering with a design company that revives and modernises such an ancient craft was a tremendous source of inspiration."

Dylan Tripp (Read more...)

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