Trame by Roberta Scumace

Trame glass mosaic collection sheds new light on the incredible potential of the Mutaforma material.

Trame glass mosaic covering

For young designer Roberta Scumace, TILLA®, the smallest square micromosaic tile in the world, has become a dreamy crystal. The designer was inspired by its grace and effortless versatility.

“The geometries that characterise the collection reflect the typical level of detail of fabrics and jewels. Walls move away from the side, and take centre stage. Colours are vivid and delicate, with ton sur ton or contrasting combinations. Black and white, powder blue and silver, red and blue, gold and sand, bronze, soft pink and terra cotta. Metallic shades highlight even the most delicate wefts, to enrich colours with shine and depth. This brings the mosaic to new life, as lights adds dynamism to a traditionally static surface.
My Trame are jewelled walls, precious masonry works. Splendid dresses for your favourite spaces.”


Roberta Scumace