Nanidor and the SuperFriends: a glass mosaic collection by Matteo Cibic

Nanidor and the SuperFriends collection by Matteo Cibic for Mutaforma plays on the dichotomy of simplicity:  ON/OFF, 0/1, form/function, project/product, dense/sparse, matt/glossy, classic/pop, serious/playful, rational/emotional.

Mutaforma Nanidor glass mosaic coverings

Nanidor: minimal and vibrant glass design

The superior flexibility of the composite, stratified and clever glass by Mutaforma – composed of minuscule TILLA® picotesserae (as small as 1.5×1.5 mm) – allowed Matteo Cibic to design a collection of hypnotic, rhythmic and molecular geometric patterns on large stucco surfaces in two shades of grey. 

Mutaforma glass mosaic, projected into the future, is presented in this collection as unusual, minimal and vibrant.

Nanidor collection is minimal on one hand, because Cibic limits the density of Mutaforma glass while increasing the stucco mass, and vibrant on the other, for the geometries convey an unremitting, delicate and captivating sense of movement.

The SuperFriends: design decorative objects

The patterns designed by Matteo Cibic are suggestive coverings for interior decoration, especially suitable for hotels, spas and wellness centres.

His SuperFriends decorative objects – friends of patterns, and people – do not fall within any strict category.  They are ambiguous and playful creations, where design is toned down by Matteo Cibic’s signature irony.

The conceptual interplay of opposites that forms the basis of the collection peeks through the product design and manifests itself in the coverings: dense/sparse, matt/glossy.

Mutaforma Nanidor decorative objects