Grand Tour collection by Gupica

In Grand Tour glass mosaic collection designed by Gupica for Mutaforma, nature, architecture and art come together to generate a unique cultural and sensorial experience. Light becomes a narrative tool, thanks to the extraordinary features of Mutaforma glass.

A tribute to 18th - century art in a contemporary project: this is the creative outcome of what Gupica has designed for Mutaforma. Grand Tour is a collection that speaks of the past with the language of the future through the material.

The Grand Tour collection, developed by Gupica for Mutaforma stems from the meticulous research on images, photographs, memoirs, and travel sketches from the cultural phenomenon of the Grand Tour. The result is a collection of mosaic coverings for interior decoration, enhanced by the flexibility of Mutaforma’s colorful, stratified and composite glass material, and inspired by the Italian aesthetics as seen through the eyes of a 17th - 18th century European traveller.

The Grand Tour was a long trip undertaken by young European aristocrats and members of the intellectual elite, Italy being the most cherished destination. The objective of the trip was to enhance the sensitivity of the traveller through the introduction to cultural heritage, such as the arts and history of the Bel Paese. The Grand Tour also led to the tradition of personal souvenirs de voyage: letters, diaries, drawings, paintings, engravings, carnets de voyage, travel journals and delightful sketches.

The soft, lingering eye of the traveller captured it all: vast green lands and overlaid remains of ancient cultures that create a one-of-a-kind scenery with flourishing details of decorative and architectural magnificence. Real landscape environments and details of architectural and decorative magnificence take shape in the Grand Tour micro mosaic.

Grand Tour Mutaforma glass mosaic coverings by designer Gupica
Grand Tour Mutaforma glass mosaic coverings

The collection originates from an ancient vision of the natural and architectural landscape based on a mix of images, experiences, thoughts and visual suggestions.

Mutaforma’s innovative material, the world’s smallest glass tessera (TILLA®, as small as 1.5×1.5 mm), made it possible for Gupica to create a collection of variable geometries, ranging from large landscape views to tiny antique decoration patterns for the decoration of walls.

The collection captivates the observer with a luminous suggestion. The light refracted on Mutaforma’s stratified glass irradiates warm nuances and reveals the precious elements of the collection.

Patterns, symmetric mosaic decors, and iterated geometric designs reveal intangible aspects of the material: a soft morning light, or mist unfolding on a rural landscape. The “soft” qualities of the glass materials interact with light based on the observer’s perspective to reveal depth, subtle nuances and transparencies.