Tilla in Wonderland collection.

"I was soon hooked by the idea of creating unusual and surreal scenarios where TILLA® – the core of DG Mosaic’s refined and eclectic glass material – meets special items and furnishing, and initiates a wonderland of shapes, colours, and juxtapositions! This exquisite material inspired me to create a collection that frees glass mosaics from the burden of traditional standards."

Fabio Rotella

Tilla in Wonderland, designed by Fabio Rotella e Flavia Aprilini, explores and showcases the unparalleled versatility of mutaforma’s hyper-tech material.

Tilla in Wonderland is a curated collection of 15 décors designed by architect Fabio Rotella with designer Flavia Aprilini for mutaforma.
Mutaforma’s industrial mindset creates a technology-driven weft; Fabio Rotella’s eclectic approach to materials braids a playful decoration project characterised by surprising shapes and colours, fit for a wonderland.