Mutaforma: augmented materials

Mutaforma: augmented materials


Materials in our life mean more than their practical function, they are our second skin.

Mutaforma is the Italian brand that works in the field of luxury interior design micro-finishes, especially wall and floor decorations made with micro glass mosaic.  

A new material, 100% made in Italy, designed and patented after years of Research & Development.

Nanometric particles with specific physical and chemical features, sublimed on the vitreous surface at molecular level, change the optical properties of glass and its aesthetic significance. The result is a new stratified and composite material, a smart micromosaic covering, with a natural tendency to merge and graft with other materials to augment experience and interaction options:

augmented materials.



Materials trigger memories, surround us, shape our experiences and encase our emotions in an enchanting combination of fascination and functionality. Materials tell our story.



Mutaforma's object collections originate from the desire to create non-serial items.
This results in a series of stunning limited-edition handmade designer decorative objects.